Our venue offers an elegant, upscale, inviting atmosphere to experience the finest smooth jazz and rhythm & blues acts in a way that is best described as an intimate concert. A dressy attire is required to attend our shows. We invite you to visit our FAQ  page for answers to commonly asked questions, which may help you to better plan your visit to our venue.

The following attire is not permitted:

  • Ball caps

  • Do-Rag

  • Hoodies

  • Flip-flops

  • Athletic wear

  • NO JEANS AT ALL Including:

    • ​​Ripped jeans

    • Sagging jeans

    • Dressy Jeans

  • Tattered clothing

  • Cut-off shirt or shorts

  • Sweats or workout attire

  • Tennis shoes/sneakers

  • Clothing with offensive graphics or language

  • Revealing clothing or exposed undergarments

Our dress code is actively enforced. It is the ticket holder’s responsibility to inform everyone in their party of our dress code policy so that there are no surprises upon arrival. We reserves the right to deny admission to any person whose attire is not in keeping with our Dress Code Policy.